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Innovative implants 
and equipment

A wide range implants and equipment including the most recent innovations

High value support during surgery

High value support during surgery with our broad team of seasoned technical assistants

Efficient logistics
with delivery 24/7

Efficient logistics with fast delivery of implants and instrument sets


Motion Medical is owner of Orthobion, a company which has developed a breakthrough technology for interbody fusion devices. The technology, called FGOIC, consists in the application of a thin layer of <1 µm Titanium on PEEK cage surface. This technology allows to combine the best of both worlds.

Screws, cages, rods and plates

to maximize stability, bone stimulation and radiolucency

Thin layer Titanium coated cages

to maximize benefits of PEEK and Titanium while avoiding peeling issue of classical coating


cervical and lumbar prostheses with most recent innovations

Vertebral body augmentation system

to ensure safe and permanent restauration of vertebral body

Committed to services


Implants are available in loan or consignment and safety stock is maintained internally to ensure fast replenishment to the hospitals


Instruments are provided in consignment or delivered prior to the surgery

Technical assistance

Our team of technical assistants provides direct support to the surgeons, available 24/7


Our top notch faculty together with our experienced technical assistants will provide all necessary medical education and support to ensure optimal use of our innovative solutions and technologies

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Benoit Verjans

Chief Executive Officer


Bruno Catfolis

Chief Commercial Officer


Yves Meire

Product Development


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